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Don't Change a Thing!

I have been ordering and using your product called Purezyme for over 7 years, it has helped me with my digestion. I take two capsules with each meal and I have no problems. Please continue to offer this product and don't change a thing! -- Alicia M. [8.14.15]

Handy Body Type Survey...

Love the wonderful enzyme products you sell by the Transformation brand. I love how you can select the right enzymes for your particular body and lifestyle. No other site ever gives you that option. That is excellent. It helps people to figure out which product is right for them. It can be hard to figure it. Hope that stays!!! -- Freida B. [3.2.15]

enzymes-group.jpg Finally keeping her food down...

I received my order of enzymes. That was really fast. I can not believe how well they are working. I take two before each meal and after three days my food was staying down and no more stomach problems. It sure is nice to just taste my food for once while it's going down. Ha. Ha! -- Anna G. [3.17.12]

Recovering from food sensitivities...

Yes, I received my last order just fine and I love the product! Following an antibiotic treatment, I have experienced sugar intolerance and food sensitivities, in general. DigestZyme and probiotics have certainly helped me recover. I am an immunologist/clinical scientist so I've done quite some market search on other products, but I do like the formulation of the DigestZyme best. As a matter of fact, I recommended it to a friend. -- N. Kallinteris [10.22.10]

Plantadophilus is working...

I am very pleased with the Plantadophilus. I'm not having side effects and it seems very effective. I use the MSM cream a lot, too, as well as the digestive enzymes. Thanks for being there and your answers to my questions. -- Linda D. [3.29.10]

Lost 5 pounds, already...

Thank you so much for the personal care you have taken with my orders. And yes, I am really enjoying the benefits of this enzyme program very much. Since starting these products about 5 or 6 weeks ago, I have lost 5 pounds already!!! I'm especially excited about that since my ultimate goal is to lose a total of only 10 pounds in a healthy and balanced way, and I'm already half way there--quite effortlessly. -- Christa M. [9.25.08]

Bloating goes away...

I received my order and have been using them with every meal. This is my second order and although I can't tell if it is a placebo effect or real, when I first started taking them I felt better and decided to keep taking them. Now they are helping me lose weight in a very positive way.

We were evacuated from our house for about 4 days because of the fires (I live in the San Diego area) and I didn't have them with me. I felt bloated and like a slug for those few days. My new shipment arrived the day we got back into the house and I started taking them immediately. Within a day the bloated feeling went away and I had a more balanced energy. I slept a lot after returning--had to let down from all of the stress, but I didn't feel sluggish. I have been attributing the better feeling to the products. --Barbara M., San Diego, CA (10/31/07)

Sinus infection cleared...

I was unable to clear the effects of a sinus infection untill I stayed consistant with my enzymes... the bad smell from infection with breathing went away and I can breathe freely again. --Doris P., Plano, TX (3/17/07)

VERY, VERY great item--will order again and again, thank you! --P. Jones (1/2/2007)

Can't wait to receive it...

Excellent! My acupuncturist recommended DigestZyme a year or so ago. What a difference. I've been without it for two weeks now and can hardly eat anything other than oatmeal and rice without side effects. Can't wait to receive order ASAP. --Renee M. (12/7/06)

Assimilating nutrients...

I have always had poor digestion. All your enyzme products help my digestive system. To assimilate nutrients as well as eliminate waste. I use most of the enzyme products and find they are the best for these purposes. --M. Tong (7/17/06)

Fatigue success...

About two years ago, I came to Pure Energy Rx when my body essentially shut down from all the stress I had experienced during my mother's long battle with cancer and her subsequent death.

I remember going into my health care provider's urgent care clinic feeling somewhat dizzy and unable to focus attention on anything. I was extremely fatigued and scared, as I had never felt so disoriented and helpless. Some tests were taken, and the doctor requested I go home and concentrate on sleeping, eating and drinking plenty of fluids. Ten days later to my relief, but also my frustration my doctor reported that my tests were all in the normal range. She acknowledged that the stress I had been under was having a real impact on how I felt, but assured me I looked very healthy on paper. She recommended some grief counseling and a prescription of anti-depressants. The grief counseling certainly helped heal my spirits, but physically I still did not feel good. The anti-depressant medication only seemed to aggravate my symptoms and at my doctor's recommendation I discontinued taking it.

Shay at Pure Energy Rx suggested I connect with one of the health practitioners at Transformation Enzyme Center with the idea that their perspective might open up some solutions for healing, that conventional medicine had not considered. It was very refreshing and productive to work with KD Couch, Nurse Practitioner. After completing her initial screening for body type, a brief questionnaire and a phone interview, KD was able to identify that additional testing needed to be done to determine the extent of adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance I was experiencing. She recommended a basic enzyme regime to improve the absorption and benefits of my healthy eating, and recommended I read a book called Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James Wilson, which was excellent and really helped me uncover what was going on with my health and how to successfully recover. The testing results confirmed KD's diagnosis, and she promptly recommended I seek a local naturopathic doctor who could prescribe the appropriate hormones and supplements.

It was been a long road to a full recovery, but thanks to all of the help I received from Subtle Energy and Transformation Enzymes to has not been difficult. I have seen steady improvement throughout the last two years. I shudder to think how I would feel today, if I had only the advice of my conventional health care doctor to go by. I continue to follow the enzyme regime that KD recommended, which I believe contributes greatly to my wellness. I have taken up Nia as a regular form of exercise, focus on eat healthy as it is laid out in the book on adrenal fatigue, and I continue to use the Pro-gest hormone cream that my naturopathic recommended.

As I celebrated my 50th birthday last week, it is great to feel 39 again!! --Paula Hansen, Portland, OR, Nov. 2005

I have always had poor digestion. All your enyzme products help my digestive system. To assimilate nutrients as well as eliminate waste. I use most of the enzyme products and find they are the best for these purposes. --Mary Tong, Calif., July 2006

Sugar cravings gone... m-ms.jpg

At one time I was completely addicted to sugar. Weapon of choice: chocolate M&M's... It was not until I began using our product, Digestzyme--two caps before each meal--that my sugar cravings began to diminish. And by the way, it did not happen overnight. This was eight years ago and today, I have no interest in refined sugar. With the Holidays coming up, I am reminded how very difficult that time of year was for me. Sound familiar?

For me, sugar gave me energy, and somedays it was all I would eat--that and coffee. Sound familiar? Believe me, I am in the wellness business because I needed to be.

Once I read Dr. Fuller's book The Healing Power of Enzymes and identified my body type (Type 1), many answers came to the foreground. We offer the book on our site, and take the body survey to discover your body type and the enzyme formulas that will best support your nutritional system. --Boyd Martin, President, Pure Energy Rx

A question about enzymes answered...

Dear Shay,

Digestzyme.jpg I need another bottle of the Digestzyme, I don't even know what this little pill does, only that when I run out, I miss them. What does Digestzyme do? Thanks Shay, your friend, Jerry Schafer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jerry, you are funny. Thank you for 3 years worth of monthly orders and... I guess it's about time you asked what Digestzyme is for, why is it you miss those little pills when the bottle is empty! Digestzyme is a digestive plant enzyme and when you take a capsule or better yet 2 prior to a meal, it provides your body a couple of things. One, it helps to digest your meal and secondly allows your body to gain more nutrition from the food you eat. Gathering more nutrition helps you to feel full sooner and over time can support weight loss. Also Jerry, digestive plant enzymes can help you poop, which as you know, really helps you have a much better day, everyday.

Thanks again for the question Jerry, and for being such a good friend. --Shay


It [Plantadophilus] does help cut down on herpetic eruptions. --Diane A.

They work...

The Formula 3 Enzymes are effective and among the best I've ever used. --KR, Portland, Oregon

I am still loving your enzyme products. I recently found a purse that I had missplaced about a year ago! I don't know what the enzymes do to improve my clarity or memory but I am loving it! -- Gwen Maddox

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